Dealing With Bad Breath

Dealing With Bad Breath

No one wants bad breath. It can cause social problems and reduce your self-confidence. Aside from the social issues, having bad breath consistently also indicates that there may be something medically wrong with your body. Here are some ways to deal with bad breath: Brush and Floss Twice a Day – Some people only brush […]

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last

You may be surprised to know that dental filling actually do NOT last forever. Just like veneers, dental fillings are durable but they get worn out overtime. It is important for you to regularly make appointments with Dr. Spencer and Dr. Marti for check ups on your fillings. What Is A Dental Filling A dental […]

How to Protect Your Smile from White Spots

How to Protect Your Smile from White Spots

Most people want to have whiter teeth, but, of course, they don’t want spots that are whiter than others. White spots on teeth are a common dental complaint but they don’t necessarily pose a threat to your overall dental health. Even if your white spots are not caused by an underlying health issue, they are […]

Tooth Abscess identification treatment and prevention

Tooth Abscess: identification, treatment, and prevention

A tooth abscess is a great discomfort because it can make it difficult for you to manage your daily life. It is very painful, and can even cause some to be unable to eat or even drink. Before you plan to visit your dentist for the treatment, it is better that you completely understand that […]

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is the Oral Cancer Awareness month and Madison Dental Health Partners would like to invite you to join us in our national screening campaign to stop oral cancer. Awareness about US oral cancer is low. About 49,750 people in the United States this year will be diagnosed with oral cancer. 132 new people in […]

What's The Best Crown For Your Tooth

What’s The Best Crown For Your Tooth?

Often when talking about dental procedures, you will come across the term crown. A crown is an artificial cap or covering that fits over a portion of an existing tooth or post. There are many reasons why a crown may be used. In some cases, crowns will be used to cover or strengthen a broken […]

New Mini Implant System – LODI

We are proud to use a new mini implant system called LODI, or the LOCATOR Overdenture Implant System. Traditional mini implants use a ball-head joint, like a trailer hitch. However, the LODI system is a precision attachment that gives better support for dentures than the conventional mini implant. The system is a low-cost, removable denture […]


4 Simple Tips to Cure a Mouth Sore

When a mouth sore arises it has a way to derail the next few days. Everything from eating to talking, to drinking, becomes difficult with a painful mouth sore. Whether your mouth sore has popped up from an injury to your mouth, eating spicy or acidic foods, or from an abrasion caused by braces or […]

Teeth Whitening Will it Work for Everyone

Teeth Whitening: Will it Work for Everyone?

Cooler weather finds us looking for ways to warm up from the inside out with coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and even wine tend to be the go-to choices during the winter months. It may also find us in need of teeth whitening. Because we see ourselves so often, it may come as a shock when […]

5 Ways to Protect Teeth From the Holiday Sugar Rush

5 Ways to Protect Teeth From the Holiday Sugar Rush

If there is one thing you can guarantee around the holiday season in Madison, it is that you will have a lot of access to candy and sweet desserts. It is a great time of year to indulge in these things but if you are not careful, all of that sugar can cause some damage […]



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